The art of Rodica is an art of resolution.. She approaches each painting without a preconceived vision, drawing with paint directly on the canvas. Feature by feature emerges spontaneously, until a balance of color and elements has been achieved. It is during the later stages of this unfolding process that the story and title of the final work are revealed to the artist .

    Although Rodica completed a course of study in the Academy of Fine Arts, her approach to painting was not derived from an academic program . After graduation, she took several years off to raise two children . But her passion for painting soon compelled her to return to the studio, which has remained the center of her life for the past twenty years.

    Rodica's early paintings were studies in abstract surrealism . They included the process of automatism, described by Andre Breton as the purest form of surrealism . In the late 1980s she discovered the art of de Chirico, Magritte and Paul Delvaux . She began adding subtle elements of figuration to help to reveal the story within each painting .

    Rodica's work shows a surprising range of textural effects and fine detail . Her forte are her intuitive feel for  composition and her color harmonies. Her oeuvre is informed by the study of a many of artists including Lucas Cranach,  Poussin, Tiepolo, Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth and Helen Frankenthaler. Above all, the ambition of each painting is to create a unique metaphoric expression and visual poetry. In that regard, her art shares common ground with other art referred to as Metarealism

by Georg Kremer / Ten Dreams Galleries