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(all paintings are Oil on Canvas)

  The Great Escape / Oil on Canvas - 39 x 39 inches    

The Great Escape


Crying for the Moon


    Odyssey / Oil on Canvas - 35  

A la recherche du temps perdu






Land of Dreams / Oil on Canvas - 31.5 x 24 inches


The Break


Useless Memories


Land of Dreams



The Dream (diptych left panel)


The Dream (diptych right panel)







About Quintessense

Ritual for Invisibility



The Drowned Swamp


The Pet



Walpurgisnacht / Oil on Canvas - 29.5 x 21.5 inches

  The Enemy Within / Oil on Canvas - 21 x 16 inches  


The Enemy Within


  Dust, Mould and Flamingo Feathers / Oil on Canvas - 35 x 35 inches    
  Dust, Mould and Flamingo Feathers  

 La Chute du Magicien


  The Temptation to be ALive / Oil on Canvas - 24 x 24 inches    

The Temptation to Be Alive


The Grail



Lazy Afternoon