Artist Confession

  I am an introvert by nature and need to spend time with my thoughts and observations. When I paint my thinking becomes so clear, uninterrupted, allowing me to work on my emotional intelligence. The solitude of painting gives me that only true 'me time' that reveals bits of my inner world.

  Since the very beginning of my career I realized that I couldn't limit myself to a painting subject such as portraiture, landscapes or still life because I value artistic freedom and imagination as crucial to the creative process. Some of my aesthetics stem from the likes of Pontormo and Giorgione, great painters of the High Renaissance whose attunement for human states of mind and concept of 'poesia' invite contemplation.

  With each composition I challenge my ability to convert abstract notions and states of mind into visual elements to create technically accomplished works. With the main focus on color and atmosphere, the narrative is left up for interpretation. The viewers have to develop their own meanings based on their own perceptions.

  Abstraction and figuration are side by side in harmony with the narrative emerging only after the lyrical content manifests itself fully. A major aim with each painting is to imbue it with my personality, capturing emotional states, while appealing to both vision and intellect. Although the resulting works vary wildly in temperament and expressive ambience they are pervaded by melancholy, a reminder of our own ephemeral human condition. The ultimate goal is to create a dream-like atmosphere that will entice the viewer to embark on an introspective journey of their own.

About Rodica

  Rodica is a Romanian American painter who lives and works upstate New York. She is much appreciated for her striking imagination and genuine style.

  Rodica Alecsandra Petrescu Miller earned a BFA, Fine Arts major, Specialization: Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania. Her third solo show, The Graal, organized by the Goethe Institute in Bucharest, Romania in 1993 brought her success and artistic recognition. In 1996, Rodica immigrated to NYC. In 1997, she received an Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International Art Competition, Diploma of Excellence from International Female Artists Art Competition, Stockholm, Sweden, and McLaine Fellowship for Solo Show at International House, New York, NY. In 2002, she earned an AAS degree in Textile Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY.

  Rodica's paintings have been featured in national and international art magazines and books and exhibited at numerous venues. Learn more about Rodica by accessing her CV here.

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Contact: Email (rodicamiller [at] gmail [dot] com)